Monday, December 6, 2010

Look what came in the MAIL!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE a good swap, and baby, I just participated in the BEST swap ever!
There was not one barker in the bunch! Every single ornament I received was amazing.
It was so worth it!
And because the ornies were so noteworthy, I just HAD to share.
This sweet snowman came from the swap organization queen herself, Vivian Neroni.
Find her at

Isn't he darling?
Check out the precious little chenille stem legs. *tee hee*
So cute!!

This snowman piece was one that my husband liked quite a bit.
I wasn't able to capture all of the fine detail in the photo, but it has quite a bit of pizzazz!

It was created by Kathy Lowry of

This sweet clock faced paper ornament is really well made. The ruffles are WAY better than any I have tried to make. Gorgeous!

Look for more goodies like this at

I love vintage graphics, so this little ornie just delighted me.
It has two little sled girls on the face, lots of glitter and great music graphics, too.
Did you see the little dangling beads at the bottom?
Such great details!
Jeanne Szewczyk is the artist on this one!

Thanks, Jeanne!

Who doesn't love a well made Victorian cone?

This one is fabric and lace and everything beautiful and old time-y and was packaged beautifully. Such a sweet little fairy in the top, too!

Look for Kimberly Laws' work at

I should have found a better backdrop for this one, as I don't think the true preciousness of this piece works with the tinsel tree as a backdrop, but I was a bit short on time.

These are tiny needlefelted acorns dangling from a retro-style bow.

It is a stunner in person and was created by Brenda Radzinski. LOVE it!

This one was a giggle and a half.
I thought it was cute while in the packaging, but you HAVE to look at the best part!

Tiny skate! Thanks to Elizabeth Andrus of Creative Breathing!

Look at the teeny tiny ice skates! How clever is that??

Created by Elizabeth Andrus of Creative Breathing. Perfection!

For all of the elephant fans out there, take a peek at Barb Burkard's creation.

It reminds me of a wind up toy I had as a child.
Ellie was one of my favorites as a child and I'm glad for the reminder this brings.
Thanks, Barb, for this sweet, pink cheeked ornie!

Blue Sky Studio sent this prim style stocking, but I have to tell you that the packaging on this one was as wonderful as the ornament.
It was enclosed in a pocket of sheet music that had been sewn and beribboned.
The presentation was so SPECIAL!
It made me want to step up my own shipping practices.

This was the first piece I pulled from my box when I got it and I have to say, I smile every time I pass it.
What a clever idea, no? And really well executed, too.
It is vintage-y and glitter-y and all of the things that make a great decoration.
Thanks to Natalea of Kandeland!

Last but not least, I have a super-glittered reindeer by Heather Rowley of

Thank goodness, too, as I had a sort of "blah" wreath sitting in my home and this made it POP!
I used her glittered-goodness as the center focal point and it has turned my so-so wreath into a keeper!

Hope you enjoyed the Christmasy goodness!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time, happy swapping!



  1. OH they all look so lovely --- MY camera acts up sometimes , sometimes not -- with an auto adjustment -- Just hate to spend the money as hUb had one as well -- but he keeps if in his car for pics -- not at a time I need it lol -- I SO love myornies -- and took a class with Lisa pace has some little houses -- I do love them -- YOURS ARE FABULOUS __ Thank you so much again -- KAthy - ga ♥

  2. Hi Theresa,

    The post looks great! I am Tammy from Blue Sky Studio. I am just in awe of the little Christmas house you made. It is so amazing!!!!!! It will always be a cherished piece.

    I wish you the most wonderful Christmas.


  3. Hi Theresa,
    I have to begin by saying I soooo love your little house ornie, I actually collect small houses and have a special plan for them this year, so yours will fit right in. Thanks for a great post, this really has been fun!
    enJOY A Very Merry,

  4. Thank you so much for posting all of the participants names with their ornaments! My family helped me unwrap mine and then mix matched the packaging. I will posting these lovely ornaments on Sunday on my blog. What a wonderful swap and again thank you so much for the cute as can be little house! Perfectly perfect! Elizabeth