Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Christmas Offering

My husband had a last minute "oops" and remembered that we didn't have a gift for his aunt.

Technically, we didn't need one, since we didn't draw her name in the gift exchange, but she always puts on a lovely Christmas dinner and it just seems right to honor her in some small way.

Soooo....since she collects bears, he thought I could make her a bear for Christmas.

I had a little mohair, so that is what I used. He is tiny, fully jointed and has glass eyes.

I almost used a glass nose, too, but his face seemed to ask for an embroidered one.

He measures about five inches tall, though he prefers to sit.

Merry Christmas to all!

Until next time, happy last minute creations!



  1. He's wonderful AND I bet his Aunt loved him!!!
    xox Pattee

  2. OH I do love me some tiny bears! he looks lovely and something tells me his auntie loved him! I hope you had a delightful christmas filled with sweet things and sweet people!!
    hugs and Happy new Year!