Sunday, February 21, 2010

Working, working, working.

What a productive weekend! I base coated some dolls, made a glittered Easter box, finished two little pressed cotton gnomes, built up some semi sexy Burlesque style dolls for a challenge, cut out some images for decoupage, and drew up plans for my next needle felted pieces.


Can't wait to get a chance to photograph all these goodies tomorrow. Hopefully the light will be really good in the morning. If not, the photos will have to wait until after a playdate. Five year olds have to take precedence.

Otherwise, things have a way of getting broken!

Until next time, happy productivity!



  1. Wow, you were very productive. I am having a very difficult time focusing on anything for very long, other then one project at a time!
    So glad youre joining my swap too!

  2. Im glad you had a awesome weekend. Cant wait to see pictures.