Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cecily (and last chance for OWOH entries!)

Click on the link below to go directly to my One World One Heart giveaway, if you haven't already! You might win this little guy!

This is Cecily, my latest complete doll. She looks pretty, but since she is part of an experiment, she can't be sold.

I am working on a new finish for my dolls. Thus far, it is too unstable, so back to the drawing board!

It's good to have a goal.

Pushed back from Facebook a bit and turned off the computer during the day except to check on orders and lo and behold, I was able to meet my self imposed deadlines for the week so far!

Coincidence? I don't think so

Until next time, happy industriousness!



  1. Cecily is very pretty! I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the One World One Heart giveaway. :) If you haven't already done so, come and visit with me for my One World One Heart adventure! :) Theresa

  2. Hi- beutiful work you do! I'm trying to get in touch with you because you won an item on my OWOH giveaway but I'm having trouble finding an e-mail contact on your site. Could you please send me contact info through my e-mail which can be found at: