Monday, February 1, 2010

More Clay on a FELT site?

Crazy, isn't it?

There has to be a truth in advertising issue here somewhere! "Felt musings" indeed!
The problem that plagues me is that I have many, many interests and I find that my life is SO much happier when I follow whatever the muse says to do at a certain point in time.

Blame it on the muse. Yep. That's what I'll do. Bossy little thing!

DO note, however, that even though Jack Sprat and his Wife here are polymer clay (full sculpt, mind you) over wire armatures with inset eyes, their clothing is needle felted and their hair is wool based. Hers is Tibetan lamb and his is wool roving that I made into flocking. I always hand apply the hair. This time it is not rooted, but was glued on section by section. Whew!

I'm debating over whether to give Jack Sprat a comb over. Something in me just feels that he'd be happier with one.

These two dolls were made for ADO's Mother Goose Challenge. I LOVE having a challenge to get myself mentally moving. It's very easy to get stuck in a rut.

In retrospect, I would probably have made Jack a little taller to add to the illusion of thiness.

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Thanks for popping in! Until next time, happy challenges!



  1. Jack Sprat is the most wonderful man I ever see ! And he would be awesome with a comb over, but he is adorable without it too. I love the way he show us his wife, he seems to be very proud of her.

    Good work again, Theresa! Your work really inspired me !

  2. I hear ya! I can not be tied to just one medium! Yes, I think a comb over would suit Jack very well! I had my nursey rhymes mixed up and was going to tell you thatyou needed a pumpkin shell because "there he kept her very well" but then I realized that was peter peter pumpkin eater! lol!
    you are so very talented. I adore the elf you made me and he is sitting on a shelf on my craft table where he can keep me company with his sweet little self!

  3. Popping in...finally!! I hope you are well. I love your dolls... they are precious!!

  4. Lovely, and I think Jack would suit a comb over lol

  5. I love the way he show us his wife, he seems to be very proud of her.

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  6. I seem to follow my muse too. and that is probably why at times I seem to be all over the place with my art. It feels like I have art ADD. LOL This piece is awesome. Love the needle felted clothes!

  7. fabulous new dolls!! I just love what you do!