Thursday, December 15, 2011

Little Amanita Collector

Everyone needs a job to do.

Some build homes, some gather moss for clothing, and some stay home and mind the wee ones.  Not her!.

She was meant for the winter air.

This one gets to find the amanitas buried in the snow before the reindeer find them.

It isn't always a simple task. 

Sometimes the mushrooms are larger than
                            she is!

Her mushroom cap helps her to blend in when there are other creatures afoot.

Happy Winter to all!

Thanks for popping in for a peek and a moment of wintery peace.



  1. wonderful!! and she would go so well with the awesome elf that you sent me last year.. or was it the year before? Have a great weekend!

  2. Hello ! What a beautiful little lady ! Now I`v got two Barnum, and I love them both very much !

    I want to wish you a nice Christmas :))

    big hugs from Petrine in Norway

  3. She is adorable Theresa!! I just love your work.