Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Still Alive...

Just really, really busy.

Busy with Graduating Girls...
busy finishing up a fierce T-ball season....

busy helping in the school and having silly (and not very flattering) pictures taken of me while doing so.
I am also tidying up an article for an upcoming ezine article. Wish me luck!
Once the kids are done with school, I get to finish all of my "half-done-ers". I have partially completed dolls and fiber art projects waiting patiently in boxes and bins. Can't wait to dig in!
Happy thoughts to all!

Thanks for popping by! Until next time, happy real life-ing!


  1. what a cute picture of you! not so silly at all. Yes, real life does keep us from blogging.. just as blogging can keep us from doing things in "real" life that we need to do! Enjoy your children and be sure to pop in when you can! OH yes, and be sure to show us pics of your projects as you complete them!

  2. Great photos Theresa... yes you look like a busy gal~: ) See you soon!

  3. 沒有一件事情是好的或壞的,是想法改變了一切。 ..................................................

  4. Life sure gets busy doesn't it, are those your girls, they are sweeties! lovely to "see" you too x