Thursday, May 20, 2010

Botanical Diversity

I just felt like taking a little flower walk today.

Check out the weird hairs on this one! Bizarre!

Variegated leaves can do a lot for a garden.

Up close and personal. We are overloaded with Amaryllis this year.

Drought resistant, yet dainty. What a lovely combination.

Until next time, happy outdoors-ing!



  1. I love garden pictures Theresa~ What beautiful flower's you have in your garden!
    Do you live in a Hot climate?

    We are on the same wave length ... I have pictures of my gardens on my blog also : )

    Take Care~Pattee

  2. Our climate is really mellow and warm all year round. I am in Southern California. I have to LOOK for the seasons...they are a bit less obvious than in other states/regions. Must pop over to see your post....

  3. So much beauty. So much inspiration from nature through all it offers us.

  4. could that little gnome BE any cuter?? ahhhh NO!!

  5. Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog, Theresa. I can see you have got a lovely dog too ! Cookie! He is adorable !

  6. Yes Theresa Thy must of flown the coop together.
    Do you really think they'll bring back inspirations??? Geez I hope so!
    Have a great week ahead~
    Hugs Pattee

  7. Beautiful photos of your garden! I've always thought I'd never get a thing done if I could garden most of the year like you do in CA!

    Happy Summer!