Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Well Has Temporarily Run Dry..

..but that's OK.

Please enjoy these photos from my yard while I track down my muse and force her to get back to work! She is well practiced in the fine art of avoidance, but I am pretty crafty as well.

It will be a contest of wills.

This gnome was hiding a white egg at Easter, which blended in with his ceramic mushrooms really well. It took the kids awhile to find it.

Either that or they were freaked out by the gnome himself. I'll have to ask.

This is the tree with the door. We still aren't sure who lives here or where the door leads, but we'll figure it out someday! We love to sit and speculate.
Blossoms, blossoms everywhere. Spring has sprung for sure! This one is good for bee watching.

This is our Mimosa tree. It will appear dead until mid summer or so, at which point it will green in and bloom and be FABULOUS until late fall.

Most of the year, though, it looks like this.

Until next time, happy muse trapping!



  1. Theresa....ohhh aren't our muses just terrible when they want to be..LOL!! Most the time I want to cover my ears and hum mine gets so noisey but I miss her when she steps out for a bit. I'm sure yours will return soon and start to singing quite LOUDLY!!

    I LOVE all the photos especially the tree..OMGOSH...you have a faery tree...I'm jealous!!


  2. Looks like a little gnome house or fairy hole in the tree--you need just the right little figurine peeking out.

  3. a dry well? oh dear! actually im in the same spot I think. SO I just went to wallyworld and bought some storage pieces for my craft room and i'm going to reorganize and clean up... then I'll be ready to roll when the mood strikes again. Actually I have bear orders for 8 bears to work on.. I still had things I wanted to do for easter and never got to this year.. I'll probably forget them by next year. Maybe I'll write them done and pack them away with eastery supplies! Have a great day~

  4. I hate it when my muse decides to flake off - she took off last year for parts unknown and was gone several months. Judging by your pics you have a lot of inspiration around your place - love the little door!

    Hope your muse returns soon!


  5. With such a fabulous garden, fairy tree house, gnomes and beautiful blossom i'm sure she's just frolicking for a while in her own little heaven. I think she'll be bringing you back some magic shortly :))