Thursday, April 8, 2010

Have you see these before?

First I found this.

He was sitting on a blanket at the Veteran's Stadium, waiting for someone to make an offer.

Look at those eyes. How could I say no?

I wasn't sure what to offer....$30? $20? So I just asked the man how much.

He told me. He said, "$3.00".

HUGE grin. Into my bike basket quick as a wink and home we went.

My kids named him Ralphie. He lives next to my computer.

I never did learn of Ralphie's origins. I have searched for patterns, but to no avail.

He seems to be a combination of handmade and machine sewn, but I don't know from where he came.

Imagine my surprise when I saw THIS little guy.

Very similar face, no? (Check out the awesome wool felt shoes!)

I purchased him from eBay just to see how he was constructed and perhaps where he was made.

His tag says 'Austrian Gnome'. He has a wired body and some kind of furry stuff for his cap. (It sheds.)

Does this ring a bell for anyone out there in blogland?

Just curious.

Thanks for popping by!

Until next time, happy gnome sweet gnoming!


1 comment:

  1. Hmmm Theresa... They do look a bit familiar esp. the one you bought... I bet that guy is vintage ~ vintage something : )