Friday, February 20, 2009

Pediatric Dentists and Needlefelting

Well, my youngest child has my teeth. We had been seeing a general dentist and everything seemed to be fine. Seemed to be. I noticed a few spots that looked a little "off", but when I questioned the dentist, I was told not to worry. Long story short, I DID start to worry and decided to take my boy to a pediatric dentist. I am glad that I did! Those areas that I was not supposed to be concerned about turned out to be cavities. Chunky, substantial ones! Yikes!

A good pediatric dentist is worth his/her weight in gold. Within minutes, my boy was at ease, relaxed, and in very capable hands. The interactions were child-centered, positive, and cheerful. My child held as still as can be and had no pain at all. In fact, I would say that the office visit was a very fun experience for him. He is looking forward to going back again. A far cry from the dental panic I had as a child!

The best part was that I learned something from the experience; if you have any doubts as a parent, double check. Many of us are conditioned to accept the words of health professionals as "law". It is best to remember that everyone is human and there are various opinions out there. Had I not followed my instincts, my youngster could have been sitting there getting worse and worse rather than being all fixed up and ready to go, go, go.

As a side note, I was working on some needlefelting as I waited to see how my son would tolerate the procedure and the experience as a whole. (Normally I would have brought a book, but I am trying really hard to carve out time for my craft.) It turned out to be a great opportunity to share my work with others, as many in the office were really curious about needlefelting and what can be done with it. In fact, no one in the office had ever heard of needlefelting, needlesculpture, or any wool based arts and crafts. They wanted the information for my flickr and etsy sites in order to take a peek!

My next post will be a general description of what needlefelting is, what materials are needed, and applications for needlefelting.

Until next time, happy crafting!

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