Monday, March 7, 2011

Sweet Pea

Hooray! Sweet Pea is finally posted on eBay.

I am still a novice to eBay. I know how to BUY from problemo there!

It is the "tagging" that baffles me every time.

(Tail wagging, I understand!)

Sweet Pea ended up being listed under collectibles, though I think she would have done better listed under artist teddy bear. That is the market that would most likely find her interesting.

But how does one list a dog as a bear?

Not to be confused with a dog AND a bear, which would be an easy listing.

Any tips from the seasoned eBayers out there? Pretty please? I know I am not listing things correctly, but I am at a loss to fix things up!

I hope you all out there have been having a great creative month so far! Keep it up!

Best wishes to all! Thanks for popping in for a spell.



  1. Wow ! This is so wonderful Theresa ! You are so talented! The looks in those little faces are so wonderful ! And the little tail.

    Our little Barnum is having a wonderful time together with my needle felted figurs, clowns and troll !

    I wish you a happy time, here we wait for the Spring to come.

    Big hugs from Petrine

  2. loving all your new little stuffed buddies. Especially the dog!
    they are wonderful!
    ps.. did you get my message? I should go back to see if I actually left one, sometimes I think I click out before the letter verification on some blogs!
    have a great week

  3. Theresa...sweet pea is adorable!! I would love to know how you like selling on ebay. I haven't gotten brave enough to take that leap just yet ^_^. I do like Etsy even if it is a bit slow right now but I guess if I would put a few things in my shoppe that might help...LOL!!

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.