Sunday, October 31, 2010

RIP Crabbie

I am so sad. I accidentally committed spider-cide last night.

This pretty crab spider has been an outdoor companion for over a month. I loved going out and trying to find where he was hiding. He seemed to travel from the roof to the little yellow flowers on our porch. My kids liked to make a careful check prior to running outside, as sometimes he would be a little too close for comfort, in their opinion.

Last night, I went out into the backyard long after the sun had gone down. I like to leave the lights off so as to enjoy the night skies and find a little peace. I never gave him a second thought.

I went to open the screen door and IT happened; as I pushed the thumb button that opens the door, I felt a little smush. Yikes!

*sob* I loved that spider.

Until next time, don't forget to look!



  1. hmmmm... I think i might be speechless! I cant quite imagine squashing a bug with my hand or being attached to a spider..
    but I do feel bad that you feel bad. so I offer my condolences. AT least you allowed your spider friend to have a good life at your house. Most of us would not have. LOl.
    rip crabby!

  2. Viv, I am actually pretty frightened of having spiders on me, close to me or under my thumb. This one was pretty and usually far enough away for me not to panic, which turned him from a scary thing into an interesting one. His unique coloring made him notice worthy. Had I seen him on the screen door latch, I would have been shrieking for my hubby to come open the door for certain.

  3. Oh dear..poor lil crabbie. I don't think I have ever seen a spider like that before. Very interesting!! I don't like spiders and am at this moment l@@king around to see if there are any close by.


  4. Oh I'm sorry Theresa....
    It's always hard to lose a "friend" even if it is a spider...