Friday, September 17, 2010

What Shall We Be This Year?

Here is what my little ones looked like last year on Halloween.

So young! What a difference a year makes!

The discussions have begun....which is good, since one of them has a costume coming from Asia! Yikes!

My youngest may stay with the Star Wars theme; he is thinking Storm Trooper.

My middle one is going to be Naruto. (This is the one coming from China.)

My oldest? Will she even dress up? *sob* It remains to be seen.

I wish I could show you all of my recent work, but it is all "top secret".

It is SO frustrating to have new pix and not be able to show everyone!
These two are the only ones I can show you and the picture is somewhat marginal! Oh well!

Until next time, happy creating and happy families.
I'm sending good thoughts your way!


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  1. thanks for visiting. you are too kind. if you could only see the whole studio you might think differently!...