Saturday, August 28, 2010

Secrets, secrets

I can't show ANY of the items I have been working on recently. Most of my "things" are for swaps or are gifts!

Lots of work without the ability to share. *sigh*

I did silk screen a baby shirt the other day, so I can show you that.

I actually made the screen to be used on dish towels, but I had some onesies and thought,

"Why not?"

This is what the mushrooms look like.
Weird, huh?

My daughter wonders who on earth will put their baby in a mushroom onesie, but I am a big nature fan and I would have done so!

I think it is quirky-fun-different.

(Heck, most people I know would say that I am "different", so maybe that is why I like it.)

Until next time, I can't WAIT to show you what I am REALLY working on!

Happy baby stepping into Fall! The leaves are dropping and the orb spiders are already spinning over here!



  1. sweet onesie! but really, I cant wait to see what else youve been working on!!
    have a great week

  2. I always figure that hey, if I'd be willing to put a child of mine in a Guns 'n Roses baby gown made from an old T-shirt, then so would somebody else, so if I'm gonna make one for my family, then might as well make a couple extra to sell!