Monday, March 8, 2010

Egg thief?

Nope! Just the Easter bunny.

I am working on a larger one for a fundraiser.

It might have to be brown, though, as I am out of white wool! Yikes!

On a personal note, I feel like I am losing my mind a bit. I can't recall a time when I have had so many balls in the air at once.

That is a partial explanation for my sporadic posts and my even more sporadic comments on everyone ELSE'S posts.

I still read everyone's...I just don't always have time to comment.

Can't wait for it to slow down in about 3 weeks. Whew!

Until next time, happy busy-ness!



  1. This is the cutest little Easter Bunny I've ever seen. What an adorable look on his face - he looks totally happy to be carrying those eggs. Hope things settle down for you soon. :) Theresa

  2. Theresa, You are so sweet. And you spell your name just right! Tee hee
    The Other Theresa

  3. Who can resist a cute, egg stealing bunny!!! Not even me!!

  4. Awwww he is so adorable and he's carrying a heavy burden there with all those Eggs hehe xo

  5. Just love your bunny, he can come and steal my eggs anyday, but he might not get home again. Happy Easter to you.
    E XXX

  6. When and where can we steal this bunny-too cute!!!

  7. lol! i love how he turned out! he is adorable!
    have a great day your creative and talented person you!

  8. Cute is an understatement! Adore him! :)

  9. He is so adorable! Don't worry everyone has crazy times, that's the cool thing about a can wait!

  10. Theresa...I know what ya mean...I LOVE THE BUNNY...oh that is so awesome...No worries, I lurk in blogland also..sometimes my hands hurt so bad hard to type so I just read...its all good..u can lurk with me teehehe


  11. Awwwww ! He`s wonderful :) Here in Norway the Easter Chicken is more common, but this year I`ll needle felt me some bunnies !!

    Have a nice day !

  12. Oh my gosh! Look at his face! So stinkin cute!

  13. Theresa - I love the egg thief, well, easter bunny :O) he is the cutest :O)
    Also wanted to say thank you for popping by... I appreciate it :O)

  14. Oh How adorable is this bunny and his eggs!!!

  15. He is just the cutest and I love the other bunnies too!! Great work!!


  16. Aw, sweet! I just want to squeeze that bunny!

  17. OMG! can you make anything cuter than that?!!! you have just an amazing touch for bringing out the charm and 'adorableness' in your critters!
    also, thanks for your comment on my blog. it's been a while since i've posted and i thank you for noticing! Deanna

  18. Oh, I just love your Bunnies, Theresa!! Right along side of mice, they are my favorite forest creature to see artistically created (although I have one such *real* character who hops around in my studio and causes all kinds of mischief!). So nice to see what good your heart and hands are up, Rose

  19. This little egg thief is just the cutest thing.
    Well done.
    Have a great weekend Theresa.
    Huge hugs.