Friday, May 18, 2012

Spun Cotton Goodness

A little spun cotton figure riding a snail.

 I love my snail riders. 

I can picture them cruising around the forest, looking for something new to do.

This particular piece is for a feather tree.

Happy winter in springtime!



The eyes have it!

A lovely local gal saw this coffee cozy on my flickr site and requested that I make one for her.

What a pleasure to dabble in wool again! 

I have been so busy working on projects NOT related to my artwork that I have forgotten what it feels like to lose myself in the moment. 

Oh, did I miss it!

Hope all is well with you and yours!
Until next time, happy felting!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy berries! 
Don't you just love the Spring?

Our berries change a bit every year. 
They are looking more and more like "wild berries". 
Even though they are tiny, they are super sweet. 

Until next time, happy shortcaking!